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Honduras Coffee Beans and Banana import China

The General Administration of Customs announced that in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of China and the protocol on plant quarantine requirements signed by China and Honduras, the import of fresh bananas and coffee beans from Honduras will be allowed from now on, which marks that the relevant products have officially obtained the […]


海关总处发布公告,根据中国相关法律规定和双方签订的有关植物检疫要求议定书规定,自即日起允许洪都拉斯鲜食香蕉和咖啡豆进口,这标志着相关产品已正式获中国检疫准入。 日前,海关总处已批准洪都拉斯十家咖啡豆企业在中国注册。香蕉及咖啡豆都是洪都拉斯特色农产品,实现对华出口将促进两国经贸健康发展,满足国内消费多元化需求。